Have you considered having a commission created of a special place that preserves some wonderful memories for posterity? A favorite village? A family cabin? A  New Mexico church where your grandparents got married? A barn on your family farm?

Do you want to commit those memories of place to a permanent piece of art?

Instead of just keeping a photograph, let me interpret those photos in my style and create a  lasting presentation of that place. A commission of a special place creates a way for you to revisit, over and over again. It makes it a more permanent part of your world and your memories.

I can make a piece in whatever size and whatever substrate you like, using images you provide.  For structure portraits, photos showing two sides of the structure work best, versus straight on.  Photos taken when it is sunny really helps with shadows.  I will tell you if your requested size will work with the photos you provide, and provide alternatives, if necessary.  We will discuss background colors, color schemes and I will provide a full scale sketch for approval. I will likely be in touch with you as I move forward through the piece. We can discuss by email or by a phone call, 505-954-1640.

Additionally, if you see pieces on my website that you like but maybe the orientation won’t work in your space, or the size is not quite right, I’d be happy to try something similar. Or maybe I featured a color that you aren’t fond of, I can work with you on the color palette.

Contact me to get started.