Procrastination is Real.

Before the pandemic hit, I was accepted to ArtsThrive!, a miniatures show put on at the Albuquerque Museum.  I usually just pick 3 of my 6 by 24 “slices” for the show and had planned to do that again this year.  But, when the show went from in person to an online, virtual auction, it occurred to me that the elongated format wouldn’t work very well for that auction platform.  So, I pivoted to deciding to do square pieces.  All this just the day before the fact sheets were due, with sizing, titles and pricing all filled out.  The problem was I didn’t have any square panels of appropriate size. So, I ordered some and sketched out the pieces on paper so I knew kind of what they’d look like, filled out the fact sheet and waited for the panels to arrive.

But, even when they arrived I didn’t get right to it.  I mean I paint every day but not always what I am supposed to be painting.  However, with less that a week before photographs need to be sent, I still hadn’t started them.  I don’t know what it is about imposed deadlines but the rebel in me pushes back. Hard.

That said, I am proud to report all three are painted, one has been varnished and the other 2 will be tomorrow.  The photos will be sent on time.  One thing I can cross off my list.

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Hi from Belinda and Johnny,
Hope all is well.
We very much enjoy the art we bought from you!
Look forward to seeing you again in Colorado.
Long shot…….If you’d ever like to trade a piece of art for a piece of custom furniture?
Best wishes jb

Johnny Bartsch July 08, 2021

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